The Grieving Process

Grief how to heal

Grief how to healWe all go through the grieving process at some stage in our lives wether it is the loss of a loved one, pet, finances, relationships or anything that has some value to our lives. People deal with the emotion of grief diffently as it is a very strong emotion that we try to avoid at all costs, but avoiding it does not mean it will go away but it only gives us a temporary relief. Everyone right from the day we are born into this world has to go through life and experience this emotion, the only difference comes at how we deal with it.

I have discovered that most of our problems with grief stem from ignorance of what it is and belief systems that we picked up as we grow and experience life in our societies. So when we go through the grieving process  we are subconciously already at a disadvantaged as the foundation of the grief is already marred with beliefs that are not supporting us but working against us.

The effects of grief that is not dealt with properly upon our lives can be divastating to ourselves and others. These can impact someone so greatly that they are left with an inability to see and cope with life well. At times they can even cause physical diseases, mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, panic disoder and many others physical problems. These things can reduce the quality of life for the affected person and everyone who is in their support system.

There are many solutions that have been offered over the years and each generation has created it’s own way of coping with grief and some of these have been carried over without much improvement and often we find that as much as we follow through with what we are supposed to do we still are not able to overcome and the grieving process can take us longer to recover from than what it should be really.

I have worked with a few people that were going through the grieving process and realised that people cope diffently with grief, some suddenly become angry and violent, some will sink into sadness and eventually depression but others they take the route of acceptance. I asked myself why we had to go through that and honestly I don’t know, but because we have to go through it there must be something we are learning from it and with the knowledge that all things work together for good for them that love God I stand to say it definately is not meant to harm us, the only issue is can we get to the level were we can understand grief and create new beliefs that will serve us.

So then arises the question what is it meant to do? I believe the answer is in the reaction or response that you have to the grieving process. What feeling is it triggering in you? How are you responding to the feelings? Often I hear people say it’s painful and I wish the pain would go away. Have you ever thought that maybe what the grief triggers within you is the one thing that you need to learn and develop skills that will make you rise to your next level from where you are. Human nature usually has this thing that if it’s not painful we don’t move, we prefer to stay in the comfort zone and pain at times is the way out of that situation.

Dealing with grief is made easy when working with the emotion code, so if you find yourself entangled and unable to cope with the grieving process it might benefit you to make an appointment with and emotion code practitioner. The blessing with emotion code is it reaches right to the root cause of your grief the energies that power it and remove them which then makes it easier for you to go through your grieving process.

To learn more about how the emotion code works and the it has brought into many people’s lives, how it has helped many people to change their lives for the better please click here.


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