Technological And Human being Shifts

System upgarde

Technology has been changing a lot and we have to adjust to the changes even if we do not like them. With the many changes that are taking place in the technical world, we  also are becoming more aware of what makes the human being and comparing the major similarities we have with our own technological creations, the human being should be functioning by constantly evolving so that we are in congruent with the new environment that we are faced with everyday.

Having that experience has opened us to a new understanding about human energy. As we are all coming to terms with the idea that we function at a vibration level and we are energy at our core, most of our health problems are resolved by changing our frequencies.

More and more people are now more aware of how energy healing is beneficial for their health as a natural none invasive method that brings balance to the bodies energy. There are now many researches going on to try and establish how the energy healing really works and it’s amazing to learn and hear what these studies are unveiling for us. To say the least this is one of the most exciting generations to be living in and I am pleased to be doing life here now.

I am finding though that more and more people are becoming open to the shift that’s is going on and there is more wisdom that is being shared around helping the people to embrace who they are and preparing them to make significant changes that will align them with the energies that are available for this generation. having said that there are also some people that are resistant to change and I have noticed that these people are struggling so much. When I look at the experience that they are going through at times I wonder why they can’t see that all their suffering is showing them a need to shift, then I realize we all learn differently.

There are many secrets of the universe that are being exposed now and I realize that it takes being inquisitive like a child is in order to experience these and be exposed to these secrets. But many of us have lost touch with the child in us and have grown too much that we have lost our ability to be adventurous. I pray that we get in touch with that part of us that is so much waiting to be involved in what is going on around us and we will notice a really big change in how we experience life.

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