What Is Heart Wall?

Have you ever been so hurt that you actually felt like your heart has been broken? Most of us have had such an experience and we have even unconsciously expressed this by saying ” my heart was broken”, or “that broke my heart”. If you have ever gone through a really bad experienced and felt that then you possibly have a heart wall.

For generations the heart has been used a symbol for love, and we have often referred to it as broken when relationships fail. Biblical the heart is described as the core of our being, for generations we have been told to protect our hearts from being hurt.

There is a proverb that says “Guard your heart for out of it flows issues of life”. Recent research is unearthing ancient secrets that we have been ignorant of. They have now discovered that the heart might be the second brain and is more activated when we are working from our core desires. It has also uncovered that the heart also holds memories of all our experiences that we go been through in life also likes and dislikes.

broken-heartSo this precious organ within us has a lot that it gives and most of it we are not yet fully awakened to what it holds for us. We do know that the heart is a very sensitive organ and can easily be hurt both physically and emotionally. I have heard of people that have died from heart break, that is why the subconscious mind finds ways to protect  the heart, from emotional damage that comes about from the emotionally charged experiences by creating a heart wall using trapped emotions. Sometimes we simply make statements or hear other people say things like “oh that caused me so much heartache”, at times we laugh it off but as if it is just another statement, but in fact the statement has great meaning to the subconscious as we speak the truth of what the heart is actually feeling and we are completely unaware that is what we are doing.

Most of the time we are not aware of the work of the subconscious mind, but the more we get hurt the more it creates the protective layer over the heart and these walls can cover a very long distance according to the discovery made by Dr Bradley Nelson when he firs discovered about the heart wall by testing his wife.

What Does Heart Wall Cause?

lonelyOnce the heart wall has been formed it does not go away by itself  even when we are no longer in the same intense emotional situation, the negative energy remains and it affects us in many different ways.

The heart wall can start to cause problems which may affect how someone responds or reacts to situations, relationship problems or generally feeling numbed emotionally, unable to feel joy, love and other natural emotions fully. Here is a list of the common symptoms that may indicate a heart wall.

You can have difficulty relating to others, or creating lasting relationships.
Heart wall can block your ability to give and receive love freely.
It affects your ability to find love, fall in love, and stay in love.
It can cause you to have emotional conditions like depression and anxiety.
Blockage of your ability to succeed in life. Dr Bradley Nelson’s call it “the Abundance Blocker”
You can have physical symptoms which are often pain in the neck, heavy feeling , tightness, discomfort in the upper back and shoulder muscles.

The blockage makes the individual numb and you can find that the person is unable to connect at the emotional level fully, resulting in them being called heartless person. Generally the person can not enjoy the benefits of a well-balanced emotional system and their co-desires are well hidden beyond normal reach.


Removal Of The Heart Wall


heart-wall-redIt is important for you to check if you have a heart wall as it’s clearing from yourself and your loved ones can bring in a massive change into your lives.

Imagine being able to give love as well as receive it easily.

Being free from the desire over protect yourself and running at the first sign of a similar situation triggered by a past memory.

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