Out Of Date Beliefs

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Out of date beliefs, how are they serving you? Most of us are happy with the knowledge of who we are and where we came from. You often see someone’s face light up when you start talking about where they came from, these discussions often bring good memories about how we used to do things in comparison to today’s life.

People could talk for hours about their past experiences and this usually has the power to draw old mates together. Sometimes it is curiosity, that makes us call for reunion gatherings, mainly because we want to know what became of all those people that we grew up with and possibly, it is also to show off the things we have now achieved in life and an opportunity to let others see how well we have come off from the place we were back then.

Our experiences and memories mean a great deal to us but the out off date beliefs that were formed during these times are they harming us?  Our subconscious mind is powerful and there so many things that occur or are created as we go about our normal business here that we not yet fully aware of.

Most of us only know a little bit of how this wonderful gift God gave us functions. The subconscious mind holds a lot of information based on what we go through and experience everyday, it’s like a recording that catches our every moment of experiences and it never goes off. From this it creates beliefs that we function on. Have you ever noticed how much you react when one of your belief is challenged? Some people get angry, defensive, protective, and can go to war based on that, just to defend what they believe.  You could be asking is there anything wrong with that?

Take a look at what is happening in our world, re-evaluate the belief systems that are sending us to war and note that  most of them are very ancient, it doesn’t matter really how we try to justify them, the point really is are they serving us? We live in fear of being attacked, our actions are driven by fear, is that how humanity is supposed to spend time on this earth? I could ask are they really serving us based on how we are destroying each other? How is it ever going to end if we do not change the out of date belief system?

Now let’s look at our marriages, they are falling apart so fast even those we never thought would are shocking us. The children that are coming into the world now are a completely different breed, and we are stuffing them with medications so that they can be comply to the expectations of this world and for them to be normal, so I ask what really is normal? Are we ignoring a message that is in the pains that humanity is suffering now in favor of keeping old beliefs systems that no longer work?

How then can we change things? The most important place to start is in you, what we are looking for outside is really within us, so how about if you start right there where you are? Is it possible that we could impact the world by just changing ourselves from within?


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