Locked In Emotional Turmoil

Many of us live life locked in emotional turmoil, we do our best to appear as if all is well on the outside and yet inside we are in complete choase. Many of our emotional problems tend to cause us a lot of physical problems and our ignorance of this is usually the enemy to ourselves. We have been taught to suppress our emotions, not to display them before others so we go through lives with many suppressed emotional issues that are popping up here and there to get us to recognise that they still need to be addressed but we have become such expert at pushing them down and closing the lid hoping for the best.


angryThe only problem with this is that it does not work as the emotional energy will keep resurfacing at different times when you least expect them because of a memory, past experience or something that acts as a trigger for something that is similar to what you have experienced in the past. Often other’s develop social anxiety even from just a thought of going into a public area, like shops or meeting outside with family or friends or an angry reaction that was not warranted. Then they start making excuses for not wanting to be with others or start finding faults with other people  which really is another way of suppressing what is pushing and desiring to be released.

This causes stress on your body as the subconcious is using a lot of your energy that you could be using for creativity to repress these negative energies, causing your body to be at dis-ease. Most times the usual medications do not releieve pain cause by these emotional turmoils running below the surface. Only when you acknowledge them and begin addressing the issues at the root of these negative energies will freedom start to manifest.


By the grace God has given us we are all more than conquerors and we are able to uncreate these mis-creations we have created for generations.  We are all being called in to this in this current season and one way or another we need to deal with these issues so that we can progress into the next dimesion. We can not move forward until we willingly start to address our core issues and allow healing to begin from within one person at a time. Love can not be addressed where anger, sadness, fear and many other emotions have a stronghold. Love can begin to heal and replace these negative energies until wholesome is reach by all.


journeyBeginning the journey only needs you to make a decision and have a desire to accept the new that is being unveiled and released into our world. A willingness to let go of things that hold you back from accepting new information. Hold your desire lets begin the journey  and return to love together.



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  • Chupacabras

    To get connected to Infinite Intelligence, and access emotional peace, solutions and direction in your life – chop your head off and put it under your arm. Stop looking to the outside and using the critical brain which loves to judge, uses false belief systems from the past to make decisions now, and has to categorise everything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

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