Learn To Embrace Things As They Are

Many things are changing at a rapid speed in the world we live in today, so we also have to be able to adapt and change along with them. This requires the courage and desire to awaken, which then gives you a chance to begin your own journey of transforming your life from within. You need to start looking and observing how mother earth is changing in order for you to understand how to transform from inside. The problems you will encounter is mainly your own barriers to change which are based on beliefs and how you perceive things. When you realise that most of us are limited and prevented from changing by our beliefs rather than whats on the outside.

Acknowledging things as they are is not something that is set in stone, but it is a way of looking at people, situations and issues as they are with no judgement but the ability to see from a different perspective so that you can respond to the situation and address it without the drama created by reaction. Many people get caught up and become stuck in situations because they judged them according to their belief system and once that’s done you automatically place the situation into two categories, wrong or right which then complicates how you will perceive and experience the situations because your wrong could be someone else’s right and vice versa. This is not healthy for you or others as conflict is created and there will never be common ground unless one person backs down which most of the time very difficult.

I discovered that most times the biggest enemy is the one inside and we project it outside so that it becomes someone else’s fault rather than taking responsibility. We struggle to wriggle out of things in the natural and yet if you took time to search the root behind the problem and the motive we will discover the quickest path to solutions we have been searching for. If you have been trying to transform your life for a very long time, have tried different things but something seems to be conspiring to keep you rooted in one place or even pull you back then check your beliefs versus what you are desiring to accomplish. This was a mystery to me for a while and many others who have moved around in the dark or as if they are blind folded until I learned about this.

So if you have a big desire to transform your life you need to start searching inside for the hidden blocks and limitations that sabotage every effort you are making to change things on the outside. Don’t keep doing the same things over and over without changing your way because nothing will change, then frustration and many other emotions will set in creating a web of complicated issues. This leads to new habits that will cause you to give up, repetitive behaviour that is hard to get rid of, addictions and many other things you don’t like, even sickness and diseases come from this but mostly some people will end up living the same situation year after year and they begin to justify why things are the way they are.

What is really needed is you making a decision to transform your life from within. Once the decision is made make sure you also make the choices that are required for you to keep moving towards your desired goal or the desire in your heart. Everything good will cost you something so be prepared to pay the price of commitment, perseverance and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done so that you get the necessary transformation that will bless you and your loved ones.




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