Learn How To Overcome Breakup Pain

How to overcome breakup pain, is one of the most asked questions after a relationship breakup is , a question that has been asked by many and many more still looking for the answer. I have always believed that the answer is in the question and the solution is in the problem.


Most people suffer and struggle on how to overcome breakup pain, not because it’s is difficult to get over but because of the way society has programmed us to react to experiences of relationship breakup. We have been trained to cover up our shame, embarrassment, hurt and all the emotions that come after experiencing relationship breakup.


For generations relationship breakup has been viewed as something to be ashamed about, it has brought judgement mainly on women, as a breakup was seen as a sign of failure for a woman to maintain or stay in a relationship with her man. So this caused women to suppress their emotions and live under unfavourable circumstances for the sake of keeping up appearances so that society does not judge her and make her an outcast.


So overcoming breakup pain has been entangled with many other negative emotions such that it has become a painful process rather than a way that brings an end to the old and a doorway to new  relationships that will serve you.


We have been programmed to focus on the negative of every situation, but learning how to overcome breakup pain means you need to develop a different perspective. You will need to change the way you see and judge things, and be open to the new way of perceiving your situation differently to how you would normally do, no matter how difficulty it looks and feels.


Overcoming breakup pain can easily be turned into a beautiful life experience if you choose to let go of the anger and negativity that is involved when a relationship comes to an end. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like had you both stopped hating each other and actually have compassion and forgiveness brought into the situation rather than anger, fear, resentment and the whole lot of negative emotions associated with it.


Can you imagine how this outlook would turn every negative situation into something that is a wonderful and positive experience, the possibility of this are huge, you could then be looking forward to getting into a new relationship, happy to experience life with someone else, excited about what you are going to create together rather than cringe and avoid being in-love again for fear of being hurt.



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