Is It Worth It?

When in difficulties or hard times we often find ourselves asking this question, “is it worth it?” Most of the time we ask this questions is at a point we are making a decision and we want to throw in the towel and give up, but I have found that this question has empowered me to make decisions that I might not have made,  it has also given me hope many times.


As simple as the questions sounds there are times that it gave me the courage to keep on keeping on in places I would have long given up or when things looked like there they were not working and there was no hope.  At times it gave me the power to perceive what the natural eye could not see such that I was able to jump walls I never thought I was capable of. Every situation has an answer, that defines it’s own worthiness but at times we are the ones who determine the worth.


Through experience I have seen family, friends and aquaintaces give up on their heart’s desires, the calling of their lives only because something or someone got in the way of it. It’s not easy seeing someone who you think should not give up doing exactly that but for those who genuinely ask the question and listen to their hearts for an answer they often have amazing results.


Balance Heart And MindThere are times when there was a tug of war between my heart and mind and those moments are the ones I find myself leaning more to the flesh, which is not what I really want and then the question pops up as a reminder that does make me sober as the flesh is always weaker than the heart and the answer of the heart is more convincing than the desire of the mind.


You might find that temporary things all eminate from the flesh, all those things that are fleeting and passing and these wants jumps from one thing to the next never becoming fulfilled but always seeking and searching for the next excitement. It takes patientce and maturity to wait, but all the stages we go through are meant to be there. Some are teachers that help us to open our minds to new dimensions and some are tests that check how well we grasped our lessons and some are celebrations of things we have accomplished. All of these work together to bring out the balance that is necessary to live an authentic lifestyle that will serve you and many generations to come.


No experience is wasted but all is worth it at the end when we look back we most likely will stand and we will be so proud of our achievement through the journey of life. Live in balance, seek more of the good, to be happy, to give and be given to live and to love all without boundary or limitation, be free to be you it is well worth it.



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