Health Reality Check

Reality Check!!! Are you looking after yourself? What will you look like at age seventy years?

Good healthy exercise combined with good nutrition forms the basis of a healthy body. Most of us take our health for granted until we are hit by diseases, then we wake up to the reality of the dangers of not living a healthy lifestyle. It is so easy to be caught up in the busy world that we forget to look after the body, and some of us the only way that we stop is when we are hit by sickness, but even in the midst of an illness some people don’t even know that it is a message to slow down rest and allow the body to heal itself.

Lessons from children

Learn to playIt takes a lot of motivation for some of us to start exercising; to us it does not come naturally as we feel it takes us out of our comfort zone of doing nothing. I believe that stems from a belief system that we created as children. When a child starts to walk, they do not want to stop they are always on the go, busy little bodies, running around in the house climbing this and that, pulling this here and there.

But as adults we sit and watch them as they go around, then the worst thing we do is stop them from running, stop them from climbing command them to sit down and watch TV, imagine just like us. This cause kids to create belief systems that might mean they should not run or climb things we should sit down and behave, but then the brain feeds from the energy of activity, imagine now what we are creating a generation of obese individuals who do not know how to keep their bodies healthy.

Children do have a lot of energy and they know how to use it, by running and playing games, and they have many innovative ideas of how to use this energy. If you take a bunch of kids and let them loose in a play ground it’s only a matter of seconds they will come together and start some game or just run and compare with adults bring them into a play ground they will either find something to sit on or gather in small groups and start to talk, none of them will go running with the kids for fear of someone saying look he/she is so childish but that is all it takes to be healthy, be like a child.

How about eating?

Healthy eating comes at a price in this day and age, you have got to be willing to put your health at the fore front and prepare to pay for whatever is going to be good for your body. Using wisdom though helps a great deal as you can waste money buying things that are not going to be helpful to you. Having a good nutrition eating fresh foods is a start.

Some people want to gain good health by using things that are harmful to the body and that is not the way to go, you want to start using foods that helps your body get rid of stuff it no longer needs by feeding it with the necessary ingredients that helps it to build up what it needs naturally.

Exercise is it good for you?

Once you have started eating well then you need to start exercising, starting really small can help then increase the pace as your body get’s used to it. Just simple walking everyday will do more for the body. I found that running makes you burn more calories than walking but it was hard to run at first so I walked starting with a pace I could manage, then increased the speed until I  was  power walking. Exercise helps increase your energy; you will start to think clearer than you used to and help you to see the world better and differently.


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