Finding Purpose And Meaning In Life

Why Is Finding Purpose And Meaning In Life Important?

Finding purpose and meaning in life can be a challenge in this world we are living. I used to think that purpose had something to do with being in one career that I liked or loved.  Climbing up the ladder of success until I get to retirement age. However my illusion soon came to an end when I became interested in personal development and self awareness.

My understanding changed and I began to search for the path of life purpose. I had never anticipated this or was looking for it. A new realm began to unfold for me turning my life in to a conundrum. My life as I knew it had come to an end.  A new understanding into finding purpose and meaning in life was unfolding and emerging from my soul.

Finding Purpose And Meaning in LifeThe confusion starts very early in our lives, as we are born into a realm that is defined by past experiences. There are many systems, beliefs, cultures and values that where formed long before our arrival. We did not have much choice but to conform to the ways that life then. 

Most people here seem to have forgotten who they are, and they help us forget our divinity too.  This makes it difficult for us to uniquely show up in our truth and purposefully early in life.

We don’t learn how to consciously use our divine gifts early in life. They lay dormant and to a certain level we forget about their existence as we embark on the new life. These gifts and talents are never totally forgotten. Later on in life something’s trigger us to remember and uncover our gifts. These triggers can be traumatic experiences, chance encounters and many other miraculous awakenings. Surprisingly after such experiences we move into the mode of searching for our truth. This cycles makes us come back to the origins of  finding purpose and meaning in life.

Finding Purpose And Meaning In Everyday Life

I believe that there is a purpose and meaning in everyday life, no one came into this earth by accident. We all came here for a reason and we can find that in our everyday experiences. There are so many things we need to pay attention to. These things will help us in finding purpose and meaning in everyday experiences.

Finding purpose and meaning in life is not a one time event. We need to articulate that one has many purposes in their life time. We quickly get caught up in the worldly way of life. This life style is sorely based on past experiences and the beliefs created from that. We live our lives based on the singular idea that separate us from our truth. This makes it impossible for us to be in-tune with our higher purposes.

The Unwanted And Wanted Dilemma

The truth is there are so many purposes we have already been fulfilling. If you stop for one minute and look back from the time your parents conceived. You can see that you have been serving many purposes since you showed up at conception. 

 You might want to ask what purpose did I save as a fetus? There is so much joy your success in beginning to create your body brings to the families you have chosen.  You can’t overlook that. That marks the successful beginnings of your earthly creations. There are are some whose conception was unwanted, so their presence might have brought suffering.  I have leaned that the setup of your beginnings forms the foundation for who you become. You could do very well in life because you accepted and acknowledged your beginnings. On the other side you could be stuck worrying about the your past that you can’t change. It is good to be grateful for the chance you got to be here on this wonderful planet.

At times the Great Spirit can set us up to experience rejection, insecurity, sadness from things that usually brings joy. It’s possible that we made these choices to experience of this before we came here. So possibly your purpose was to serve as the unwanted and you did that very well. I believe that we have to find purpose in everyday life it’s not a one time event. We can not wait to find our purpose in one thing it’s an illusion. It’s an unfolding process we have to articulate, understand and be purposeful everyday.

The Effects Of Our Beliefs In Finding Purpose And Meaning In Life

Most of our beliefs are very old and no longer serving us, we are in a conundrum where we don’t know how to change them so we can align with what’s working now. The real truth behind all this is that we are all here for a reason and a purpose. It all starts from conception, if we can acknowledge that then we make our path easier. We open ourselves to things which we have not been able to perceive properly before.

As children we bring in a new breath of fresh air. Parents love and take care of us. How often have you heard parents talk about the reason for what they do? They describe how their children motivate them to become something that they never thought they would be. That’s purposeful living.

Many will leap walls, climb mountains or do the impossible in the face of saving their children. Yet others will run, evade, reject and hide from their responsibilities as parents. So you can’t tell me there is no purpose in all that. That experience in it self is serving purpose in you because you are making a choice not to be like that someone. Their failures are putting it into perspective for you to do better, make good choices that serve you and those you love so there really is nothing that does not serve purpose.

Everything You Need For Finding Purpose And Meaning In Life You Already Have!

It’s time to stop searching outside and start seeking what’s in you. Do not spend any more time searching for your purpose outside of you. There are things you need to let go so you can accept the new way to uncover your gifts. It is possible you just need to be committed to the process.



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