Life Purpose: Find Your Life Purpose In Singleness

We all went through a phase in which we seriously think about our life purpose. Many of us are lucky enough to know what exactly they want in their lives and how to achieve it. The rest of us still struggle to know what we should do and how we should do that.


Asking your life purpose from someone else is never going to give you the exact answer. The purpose of life is something to explore yourself. It’s we’ who have to find out what do we enjoy the most, with whom and why.


You are the one who defines your boundaries regarding life purpose, so shift the focus to yourself. You need to understand what makes you happy the most and  define your priorities clearly.


We all like different things, so if making money is more important to you than going to places, start working on that. If working hard is something to achieve your entrepreneur goals, you know how to get rid of your lame habits. Are truly happy with someone you have been dating for so long, then it’s time to take this relationship to the next level.


We all know what we want. We are just afraid of our own fears. What’s and ifs of our dreams and wishes are the things which always hold us back. We know what makes us happy; we know how to achieve that happiness. Then why should we let our fears control ourselves?

Finding Your Life Purpose In Singleness

Many of us are still single and crossed over 30’s. Some become single after being in serious relationships. I have noticed that singleness always makes people freak out. For a long time we have defined singleness as a badge of failure.We fail to recognize that every experience of singleness is in line with our life purpose.


The sense of loneliness, being hurt, cheated or being controlled by your partner can often leaves us broken hearted. This period of transition often determines our responses or reactions to future relationships. Some of us become shy and don’t have the guts to ask someone out for fear of the past experience repeating itself. Some are single because they are still struggling to get themselves stable in their careers. And some have no idea why they are still single life is just happening to them or they are just enjoying the freedom of their lives!


Whatever the reason you are single for, find your life purpose to enjoy true happiness. Being single is not wrong. It’s okay to be single rather than being in a relationship which is not serving you or the other. Most people hold on to relationships that have long ended for fear of being single again. The secret is to find the purpose of that relationship, learn your lessons and let go. When you let go willingly it’s easier to work through the next phase of your singleness.

Remember one thing: You are not going to stay single forever! So it’s important to enjoy this phase.

Focus on building friendships

You may be in the phase in which everyone is getting engaged or married and you are standing there thinking of the blissful moment if it’s ever going to come in your life. CHEER UP! You will get what you wish at the right time. Stop ranting over your loneliness. Stop making ‘singleness’ a bad shadow of your life. Focusing on these will block you from seeing the gift in the phase of your singleness.


When you are single you have plenty of time to be loyal to your friendships. All those night hangovers at your best friend’s home are never going to happen when you are committed to someone. All your sudden road trips are never going to happen when you will be married. Think of the amazing movie nights you enjoy every weekend. Even the bartender knows your squad and your favorite drinks!


Be thankful for the days when you were a total mess and not able to come out form your issues and your friends were always there for you. They treated you like a family and made you feel loved. It’s time to realize that you are blessed with the best friends in the world.


Your singleness has not only given a meaning to your life but also a bunch of people to whom you can always rely on. Your singleness has made you felt loved, happy, joyful, loyal, courageous and more than that a “good friend”. Which friend are you thinking of right now?

Uncovering your life purpose by focusing on you:

The best time to focus on you is when you are are single. This time you have every opportunity to focus on what you need to learn from your past relationships. What more can ‘you’ do to prepare for your next relationship encounter. You get to know yourself a lot more because you have time to be on your own. You can learn a lot of things when there is no one to take care of.


When you are single you have time to recreate yourself and become who you desire to be and establish yourself in your uniqueness. You probably know your bad habits which can be annoying to others and it might be a good idea to change them. You even know your good habits which are loved by your family and friends. This is the phase you can rediscover yourself and uncover some things that you love doing and had stopped because of a relationship.


Being focused on yourself allows you to explore new things. You get to try new things which you never thought of like baking a turkey, painting, going to places you never planned of, meeting new people, spending some quiet ‘me-time’ and getting close to spirituality. In quiet times things that need healing become more obvious to you. So you can take quite a leap with your spiritual and personal growth. This is when you become aware of your life purpose and you can start planning.


If you take your time to embrace and enjoy being single, you will come out ready for the next chapter of your life. It’s important you find out the purpose in singleness so you can become who you are supposed to be for your next relationship and ultimately marriage.


Find bliss in singleness and cheer up like a baby!


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