Challenging Your Belief System

earthIf you have been following me on this blog you will know that I like to bring awakening in a way that is unique and I try my best to simplified the message so that you can understand what it is I am addressing without the information losing it’s meaning. To others it feels deep because I write from the heart, so for you to flow with me do your best to engage not just your thoughts for understanding but also your heart for discernment. My truth might simply not be your truth but it can trigger something in you that will awaken you to your truth as it can silently challenge your belief system that is deeply buried in you.  So you might start to feel uncomfortable, which might make you engage into the protective or resistant mode, but the truth is you are equipped with all the necessary tools that will help you overcome resistance, enabling you to identify and address the things that come up for you as you read through these pages no matter how challenging the experience might be.


Lets take for example the fear based system we are living in, we have been made to believe that help comes from outside of us so we are programmed to wait for someone else to come and rescue us out of trouble. This problem is so bad that we don’t ask for help but we just wit for someone to offer what we think they should know to do. If you don’t believe me just listen to the language we have about governments and people in authority. We strongly believe that it is their responsibility to make things right for everyone. Have you ever thought that the solutions to our problems lay within each and every individual living on the earth, you do your part and I will do my part and we will make the world we live in a better place that we found it. Have you ever listened to the children that are giving us solutions to problems that have bugged great men in positions of authority?  Do you ever question those beliefs that have got us to where we are now as they were handed down to us through the generations? We have gotten rid of things that don’t make a difference in our lives except enriching a few in favor of things that put us in bondage and at war with each other.


When we look back, for generations we have handed down these beliefs, but they have hardly changed many things, maybe a few but they still rule us in a subtle way, we don’t even realize we are still in bondage to the things of past so our battles that we fight we are addressing the wrong places instead of going to the root and cause which is what we believe. Why don’t we start to examine them or at least review how they have done over the generations, how they have influenced change for the worst rather than for better. These beliefs they have been around influencing one generation after the other and yet we are completely unaware of their destructive nature, often we are made to believe that we should do as we are told, but we don’t have to. We were given a brain/mind to think with, we can question some of these beliefs that cause resistance to change. What would be the purpose of the mind if we are not using it to think and examine the information that is passed down to us.


Humanity has been great at creating products that we have strived to make every new product better than the previous, but we have not done so with our children. We have passed down rules and regulations that are manipulative, destructive, oppressive and suppressive. When are we going to wake up and review how we have moved away from the source of love to the source of fear. What are we so afraid of losing that we have not already lost due to our miscreations?


How do we go back to the drawing board? Lets start were we are, our systems right now who are they serving? Are they serving everyone or they are only meant to serve a few? Look at the laws, the judiciary systems who are they designed to serve? Health systems who are they designed to serve? Financial systems who are they designed to serve? When there is a resistance to change who is it serving? Let see in 100 years time if we do not change our destructive beliefs systems what impact will they have on the children that we are living on the earth? What impact are we having on our environment? Will there still be a healthy environment for our children to live and thrive in? These questions can be answered by you only when you decide to think deeply about your beliefs, no one can change them for you but as you change your beliefs you also give permission to the people around you to change theirs. Start now you are the influence that can change your world.



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