December 11, 2018

Life Purpose: Find Your Life Purpose In Singleness

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We all know what we want. We are just afraid of our own fears. What’s and ifs of our dreams and wishes are the things which always hold us back. We know what makes us happy; we know how to achieve that happiness. Then why should we let our fears control ourselves?

May 3, 2017

Breaking Free From Mental Prisons

When societal values and beliefs make you conform to things that are not resonating with your soul. What do you do? We have societies that we are born into, values we were raised up with and beliefs that we grew into since showing up onto this earth. Some of these values and beliefs are not

March 30, 2017

Learn How To Overcome Breakup Pain

How to overcome breakup pain, is one of the most asked questions after a relationship breakup is , a question that has been asked by many and many more still looking for the answer. I have always believed that the answer is in the question and the solution is in the problem.   Most people

March 29, 2016

Learn To Embrace Things As They Are

Many things are changing at a rapid speed in the world we live in today, so we also have to be able to adapt and change along with them. This requires the courage and desire to awaken, which then gives you a chance to begin your own journey of transforming your life from within. You

September 7, 2015

Is It Worth It?

When in difficulties or hard times we often find ourselves asking this question, “is it worth it?” Most of the time we ask this questions is at a point we are making a decision and we want to throw in the towel and give up, but I have found that this question has empowered me

February 2, 2015

The Grieving Process

Grief how to heal

We all go through the grieving process at some stage in our lives wether it is the loss of a loved one, pet, finances, relationships or anything that has some value to our lives. People deal with the emotion of grief diffently as it is a very strong emotion that we try to avoid at

October 14, 2014

Out Of Date Beliefs

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Out of date beliefs, how are they serving you? Most of us are happy with the knowledge of who we are and where we came from. You often see someone’s face light up when you start talking about where they came from, these discussions often bring good memories about how we used to do things

November 15, 2013

Emotional Well Being

good healthy exercise

It is known that emotions play a great role in our lives, so emotional well being is of big value in our daily living. For many generations many problems we face have been dealt with purely at a physical level, but the changes that are taking place now are causing us to dig deeper to

October 18, 2013

Health Reality Check

Reality Check!!! Are you looking after yourself? What will you look like at age seventy years? Good healthy exercise combined with good nutrition forms the basis of a healthy body. Most of us take our health for granted until we are hit by diseases, then we wake up to the reality of the dangers of