It’s Time To Ditch Your Fear Of Relationship Breakup, Resentment, Low self Esteem, Lack Of Confidence, Bitterness, Heartbreak, Confusion And Emotional Turmoil Caused By Bad Relationships. End Your Struggles, Stand In Your Power And Use The Energy from Your Past To Create Happier Experiences ! 

Brokenenness To Wholeness Coaching


Would you like to bring an end to all the years you have been living as a victim? Are you ready to do the work that will give you emotional stability and will open you up to connect from the heart so you can attract true intimate relationships that are based on love and soul connection.

I have done this work for myself and other women over the past 4 years, and now I would like to extend my services to you who are struggling with recovering from relationship breakup, so you too can experience the joy, love and peace that comes with living from wholeness.


You Are Here Because You Want Change, Something Inside Of You Is Pushing You And You Know Your Life Can Be Better Than What You Have Right Now!


Maybe you are where I was many years ago, when I was running from one place to the another looking for a solution to my struggles, coming back home exhausted and no different than when I went out. Frustrated, disgruntled and feeling emotionally drained and hopeless the troubles seem to increase every time I made an effort to end them. Have you ever felt like that?


breakup pain

Brokenness To Wholeness Transforming Coaching

Coaching For Women Who Are Struggling With Relationship Breakup

You here because you are stuck, stressed and don’t know what to do anymore!

The good news is I have been in the dumps just like you, feeling stuck, hopeless, frustrated, bitter and angry at life but through the teachers that came into my life i can stand here and say I can help you.

I can set aside time to speak with you over the next few days, in that call I will show you how we can work together to change your breakup story and recover from the effects of relationship breakup within 90 days or less.

Getting over your breakup doesn’t have to be a struggle or take you months and years to recover. Your life is a gift you’ve got to live it fully in love and happiness. 

If you are determined to end your struggling and are willing to revolutionize your life and step outside your comfort zone you CAN transform your life within 90 days or less.

Hey I know my stuff works, when we work together a few weeks into the program you will be singing your song of joy and putting on your dancing shoes.

This Is Not For Everyone!

If you are one of the following it’s not for you

  • You want someone to do the work whilst you do nothing. This is for people that are willing to get dirty whilst cleaning up
  • Complainers and fault finders. There is no one perfect in this life we are all learning, you best be prepared to see some faults but be willing to work on your own issues whilst others focus on theirs
  • You are not ready to change yet. You have got to be ready for change as this is not playing games it’s life changing, so if you are still comfortable were you are this is not for you.
  • You want to try and see how it goes. You have got to be all in, be a risk taker and an action taker, if you are not it’s not for you

This is For You If you Are……

Ready to break free from the limitations of relationship breakup

  • Ready do what it takes, authentically and with integrity. Don’t worry I will not ask you to do anything that is illegal but you have to be prepared to take some action
  • Ready to learn and follow through. Willingness to learn and apply what you have learned will bring you quick results.
  •  An Action taker. You want to get results, got to take some action no messing around, give it your all, participate in the program.
  • Committed to what you desire. If you are not committed to changing your life who can be? I am here for you committed to you so you have to be committed to what you said you want to get.
If You Meet The Above Requirements We Are Good

Here is what I want you to do next

You are still here and willing to know more about how you can transform your life to end the struggle of breakup and you want to get some incredible results in your life and relationships then I am happy to set time aside for you.

Click on the big orange button to book your spot in my diary. This call will last 30-45 minutes and at the end of the call you will know exactly what you need and how you will be able to unleash the Goddess within you.