Be Still And Know That I Am God

Be still and know“Be still and know that I am God”, are words that calmed me down many times when my mind was too busy, life was just not what I desired it to be and when faced with challenges that were just too cumbersome for my state of being then. They became words of comfort for these most difficult times that I was going through, but as time had it they became more than just words that calmed me down. They became a place of comfort, love, peace, joy and eventually they felt like the home I missed when  traveling and longed to get back there even for a few minutes. Most people would wonder how I came to that, others will say it does not make sense but  let me say if you have been, connected and interact with something for a long time you become one with it a process of re-membering yourself starts, such that the things you will experience, the knowing and the understanding you develop does not make sense to the natural mind, you will need to be spiritually minded to get it.


When growth is impending, it is usually heralded by  new things that usually becomes a challenge to our belief system, so instead of being still and know that I am God we resist. Most of our resistance is not intentional, but it comes from the inbuilt system that we created from childhood as our beliefs and values. As our world changes so does the beliefs and the values but our belief system is already in place so like the antivirus software on our computers we begin to fight and resist all new things which causes us to create suffering and struggling. This creates an environment where all your teachers become enemies, perception towards those who are supposed to comfort you becomes “they don’t understand me” and  you see yourself as a victim of your circumstances. This leads to who is then responsible for the situation you are in? We come to a conclusion one can help you, so we assign your situation to benevolent powers and anything else that makes it impossible to resolve. We completely relinquish the responsibility for our creative power.

I have learned that it is in these moments that you need to be still and know that I AM GOD. Please stay with me here I need you to properly absorb this and have a deep understanding. You might say I have heard this so many times, or even sung the song many times too but that is not all there is. These words are not defining a third person but as you say them they are speaking of you, you are creating who you are by your words and they are backed up by your beliefs making your words a powerful creative energy that you have released into the universe to work exactly what you send them to do. The astounding thing is we have forgotten who we are so we keep creating more of what we say we do not desire, and we fail to recognize how we are creating our circumstances. Imagine the power one person has in their world, so what impact do we have when we all have the same belief, desire and words. The power we have in collective consciousness, be it in a family, village, town, country is beyond our comprehension in the natural mind. Imagine the whole village saying I am ……, and if it’s said often enough the creative impact and changes that could be made will be beyond our wildest imagination.


The words I am have  great impact in who you are, most of us look at these words and interpret them as if it is someone else, but I am is you defining who you are, it’s you defining your creativity, your power, your presence, your beingness and creative work in your present world right here and now. These words are are first party, so as you say I am ….. you speak of yourself and what is in your heart. We have been taught that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. We become the manifestation of our own words.


Most of the time we create our own circumstances in line with the belief systems that we have, you will find that people from one village might have similar kind of circumstances which are mainly created by collective consciousness of that village, people there will have the same values, beliefs and mainly their way of thinking is the same, so their realities are similar. We do no that in some of these cultures and environments if anyone dares to be different and does something outside of the beliefs, values, rules and regulations they certainly become an outcast.  This is a very sensitive ground to break as many will prefer to remain in their comfort zones, even if they are no longer comfortable they are afraid of the unknown. There will come a time when things must change and most of the time it is difficult times that bring in a new shift, when the unshakable is shaken from within that is when change occurs. When we begin to ask questions about what we believe or have been taught and stop and be still, to perceive the answers from within only then do we have a true experience of who we are, and we will know that I am …… (whatever you are saying here) you realize the creative power that you have had all along and you just didn’t know it.


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