Martina Nyamainashe Martina Nyamainashe is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Life Coach with AUNLP and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. She is a Registered Nurse by profession with several years of working with adults and children both overseas and the United Kingdom. With this background, experience, skills and a desire to help others experience the lives they want she began a journey into her soul’s life purpose which led her to start Transforming Empowerment Coaching.

Having gone through what she calls university of life, as she says “it was not an easy journey,” but the path led her into dimensions she never thought existed opened her up to a new realisation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that was beyond anything she has learned in the mainline educational system. It was very frustrating because there was no one around her she could consult or ask questions as most had not experienced anything she was going through and that was the most challenging part she felt like she was alone though surrounded by multitudes of people.

Her frustration and her desperate became her inspiration as she started to look outside of her comfort zone and finally she realised she was not alone, transformation was already happening elsewhere and learning became easier. Then she realised that there were many people seeking answers and not many were able to help them. In some way she recognized that it was a divine plan right from the beginning everything that she has experienced and gone though it was all part of the grand plan for her by God. She became more aware of the difficulties that people were facing, and this opened up a new channel to her were suddenly without any prompting people started seeking her to help them with their ideas, challenges, frustrations, desperations, illnesses and as they told her all their issues it was like they expected her to have the solution, that left her dumbstruck and silently praying to God asking how she could help these people. Then the answer came in the most unexpected way “SystemUpgrade”, From that moment her life began to change, as one by one the teachers she needed to help her out started to show up in her life, empowering her to learn what was necessary for the upgrade.

She became open minded as God was using unconventional methods to teach her which strengthened her walk with the Holy Spirit. Her exposure to the new methodologies led her to know that the little she knew was only a drop in a big ocean that is filled with answers, and many of us make the mistake of believing that the little we have been exposed to and know is all there is, it is such a limiting belief that blocks us from experiencing the beauty of what God has prepared for us. Acknowledging this made her mind to be open minded and new ideas, new teachings, and mainly things that didn’t make sense to her for a long time began to come together like a puzzle, which empowered her to shift into a new consciousness that she uses to bless others in this generation.

Through her life experiences, challenges she had to overcome, lessons of life learned throughout the journey, a new desire was birthed, for her to show up as authentically as she could, emerging as her true self, and having a great desire to help as many people as she can to shift their mindset, break new ground so that they can create lasting change that will be enjoyed by many generations in their lineage.

What We Do

Here at Transforming Empowerment we offer programs through coaching sessions, that will help you heal your life from within, by changing the belief systems that are no longer serving you. Most of these belief systems are out of date but they are now limiting you from achieving the desires of your heart. As an accredited Life coach and emotion code practitioner since 2012 we have been working with clients from different parts of the world who have achieved maximum change in the areas they desired to shift.

Currently we offer our expertise in sessions of Brokenness To Wholeness Coaching and The Emotion Code. We support the integration of energy healing and alternative medicine with Western medicine, so that our clients get holistic care. There is a lot of research that is going on now that we should not look down on any of the new modalities that are being discovered in-favor of what we are used to. There will be more programs added soon.

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