Breaking Free From Mental Prisons

When societal values and beliefs make you conform to things that are not resonating with your soul, what do you do? All humanity has societies that we are born into, we have values we were raised up with and beliefs that were given to us since we showed up onto this earth. Most of these values and beliefs are not serving who you are and the people around you, but because they are so ingrained within us we can not find a way out of them. many times we think we have ditched them but slowly we find ourselves going back to that place were we thought we had left.


So how do we come out and never go back? this question has led many people into a search that has some confused, others not believe that it can be done and yet some fight any form of movement outside of what they know. I hear people criticize someone who has found a way that’s working for them and is sharing with the world, at times they create malicious stories, block out all the good and look for any sign of bad so they could sing about that. I look at that and wonder who are they really kidding? Do they think it’s the other people or themselves. You see when you get to this place were you creating stories to harm or cause defamation of another’s character, you need to check yourself as whatever they are doing has triggered a reaction from within you that is why you are getting angry and fighting the one who is helping you see your shortcomings in your character.


Usually the source of this behaviour comes from societal beliefs that doesn’t want people to change and being reinforced by those who have made themselves the keepers, police and protectors of these beliefs making sure that nobody else will stray away from the beliefs. This then creates a resistance, resentment, anger and all the low emotions that hinder growth for individuals that is not necessary had we just accepted that things change, so we should change our beliefs and values accordance with the change in our environment.


Some of our beliefs and values are so old, they were created by people who did not have any thoughts good for those coming after them all they wanted was to serve themselves and their ego’s. Today there are things we called bad but we have not checked the whole system  to decipher the truth behind why some systems was created that way.  Who is it serving us or them? Who is them who are benefiting from the money coming out of the system? We just think all is good.  When do we wake up to break free from this mental prison?


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