Transforming Empowerment Your Journey To Finding Your Own Path And Consciously Choosing Your Experience

Transformation starts from the heart, we all know and understand this. Most people choose to be ignorant about it, so here you will begin your journey of transformation from within. Will you make a decision to acknowledge and honor yourself  just as you are and the journey you have had so far. Can you be comfortable in your own skin, stop judging yourself realize that you are a powerful creative being.


Who Are You?

We are all powerful love beings, like a seed we were created with all that we need inside of us, but circumstances and experiences have caused us to forget our true identity and abilities. We are now living in the age where we need to shift back to our source energy which is love and there is this big push that many of us have making us desire to show up in the greatness that we know we are. Most of our physical collections here seem to have no meaning without the true identity. We desire to change and transform ourselves so that we are in congruence with our original design.


Searching For Fulfillment

We inherited belief systems that lead us to searching for something which is supposed to fill the void within us, but whatever it is we are searching for is elusive and only a few can actually say they have found it. Take notice of the trend in our society today we have so much desperation which leads us in to using drugs, alcohol, sex, social media and many other things as a way to fill that void. These things still don’t give us that fulfillment, in-fact they leave us wanting more leading others to become suicidal as a means of ending it all. Everyone has this void and it really doesn’t choose according to status or class it affects everyone the same way. If you are still wondering what you are looking for is not in someone or things it is inside you.

Dreams can come true

Hopes And Dreams

All of us have dreams, hopes and plans of what we want out of this life, but we are destined to meet with challenges that helps us to grow into the desires we want to experience. Sometimes our perception limits us and some give up and resign themselves to fate when they have been dealt with deep challenges. Then there are those who are willing to do anything so that their hopes and dreams will come to pass. They give up parts of their life to make way for one desire, some overwork themselves and lose the most important aspects of their lives.

The journey of transformation begins with you and from within by making a choice and a decision to change. Soon you will start to manifest the change that you will have started within on the outside.  For generations we have been told to just stop it and we never really questioned these instructions. Most of the time the instructions came from people that have not gone through what you might be experiencing, they have no idea what really going on except they want to save their own face or cover their shame.

If you have a vice and has tried to stop by your own ability and have tried so many times, you probably know what I am talking about, just stop it doesn’t  work mainly because the behaviors are learned over a period of time. The energy of that vice has been ingrained in your unconscious mind for a long time such that you are practically creating the desire for the addiction and living it on auto pilot. Your body is has little control or contribution to what is happening it literally is just following orders.

So when you start to give a new order from the outside it create’s conflict, causing stress, suffering, resistance and all other forms of lower emotions. Not many people want to have this experience because it’s painful, that is why they are on that roller coster anyway so they just go back to the comfort zone and start all over again. So it is not wisdom to try and change from the outside, look for the cause and the roots remove them, then you can shift whats on the outside easily.

Our mind are heart are too smart for that they can not be fooled by some of the things we come up with you will keep manifesting what is ingrained in you until you remove the cause and the roots.  Some of the things I have heard over the years are so obvious that they do not work but people believe them anyway and still try, I liken some of these teachings to telling someone that they don’t have to change a baby’s dirty nappy, just put a clean one on top and things will be good. Challenge everything you hear with questions and your truth and you will save yourself some pain as common sense says you have to change what is no longer serving you first then bring in the new.


What Is It That You Desire?

Most people do know what they don’t want but find it hard to identify what it is they desire. It is the desires of your heart that are granted and until you identify your desires you might continue to go round in cycles of frustration.

The source of life gives us these desires, but we sometimes focus so much on what we don’t want that we miss out on what we want. You can identify yourself with the creative power of God that is in everyone of us and awaken to what it is that is in you, that is knocking on the door of your heart to be let out? What is it that is desiring to be expressed? What are you pushed to do and gives you joy when you do it?

It’s possible that you can hold back the desires of your heart because you have been hurt before or because you have been judged, condemned or even been told that you are not worthy of what you desire to have. At times the world can be cruel and cause people to hide. Just some encouragement to say there is someone who is waiting for you to manifest your desire so that they too can manifest theirs but you have to start, you are the blazing the trail, creation is waiting for your manifestation.

mountain teaching

What You Will Learn!

To identify who you are and how to connect with your truth. You know that all things you need for this life are already in you,  what you will need to do is to identify that which you need for different stages of your life experience so that you can call them out and create your experience consciously and according to the plan and purpose that has already been laid out for you.
How to understand and work with your emotions, using your emotional guiding system. We are emotional beings and our emotions play a big part in our creative ability and how we live this life. We have been taught to suppress and not show our emotions for generations but this has caused us a lot of disharmony so we need to bring ourselves back into balance.
Are you one of those people who have established old beliefs in their hearts that are no longer serving you but are silently shaping and designing how you live your life. You might have experienced that there are things you would like to change and possibly you have tried a few times and failed. You will learn how to identify these old beliefs and remove their causes and roots and free yourself to live your hearts desires.


Are you willing and open for expansion, to enlarging your capacity and permit yourself to choose your truth and live to express yourself as who you really are? Honoring your authenticity, purpose and living from the source of love.

checkmark Are you willing to let go of all that is no longer serving you, permitting yourself to create new paths of truth?

checkmark Are you willing to transform and be empowered from within?

checkmark Are you willing to change your perception from fear, struggling and suffering, permitting yourself to know the truth and change to higher frequences of peace, love and joy?

checkmark Are you willing to accept the responsibility for your creations, allowing yourself to acknowledge that you are a powerful being that has created all you have now, realizing that you can choose differently and start creating  consciously from the desires of your heart.

Our Services

Transforming empowerment was founded on the understanding that all things you will ever need in this life are already inside of you. There is work that you have to do in order for what is needed to be clearly identified and put to use.  It takes some clearing to remove old energies acting as debris, blockages that are covering up the jewels inside,  before you can experience the manifestation of your heart’s desires.

Remember you are on a journey so you can choose the path you desire to walk on, walk the path thats already chosen for you or you can let the collective consciousness drive you by default.

The journey is made easier when you have life coach who can nudge you, encourage you, show you and cause you to see what really is in your heart or the source of your decisions. You can adjust quickly, start to use your creative power to enhance your ideas and work from your heart. When you have to go over mountains or down the valley, when things seems too cumbersome if you have a life coach your life through the difficult times will be much easier.

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